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Best Practices in E-Bike Maintenance: 5 Tips to Get Started


E-bikes are making a huge comeback for a good reason. Unlike the past, when e-bikes were too expensive since they were so new, e-bikes these days are much more accessible. For every budget level, an e-bike exists for the consumer.

That said, you’ll want to make sure you can maintain your e-bike. An e-bike is still an investment, and as such, you’ll want to make sure it runs efficiently for as long as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get started.

Battery Care

The first thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the bike’s battery. E-bike batteries have made a lot of advancements in the past few years, including features like voltage protection and fast charging capabilities. That said, you will still need to keep an eye on its levels. 

Many agree that maintaining a battery level somewhere between 20%-80% is best, at least to help the battery’s integrity longer. It is also advised to keep the battery at room temperature while charging in order to avoid any severe damage. Another thing to remember is to ensure that the battery never gets too hot, especially while you’re using it. 

The battery may be sturdy, but it’s also better to avoid dropping it. Doing so may knock something inside loose, manifesting as voltage drops or the inability to charge. 

Bike Cleanliness

Keeping your bike clean is one of the best ways to make sure that the entire bike is kept for as long as possible. The reason for this is that leaving dirt and mud on your bike will combine with moisture in the air to degrade its material. This is why you’ll most often find rust in crevices in your frame, as this is the ideal place for moisture to collect. 

This is especially true for those who live near the sea. The presence of salt in the wind will only make things worse for you, so it’s best to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to keep your bike free from rust. 

Your chain’s cleanliness will matter as well. As you continue to use your bike, dirt from the streets will slowly accumulate on your chain, sticking to the grease and creating clumps. This is why dirty bikes end up being a little harder to pedal on, as the chain system is gunked up from all the oil and dirt mixture. 

This has the added consequence of making it difficult for your motor to run your bike. While this alone won’t damage your motor, it will mean that your bike will be using much more energy than it has to, decreasing the distance that your e-bike should be able to take. 

Tire Checks

Last but certainly not least is your tires. These are solely responsible for giving your bike traction on the road. Because of this, you will want to make regular checks to make sure your bike tires are up to par, and your treads haven’t worn off yet. 

It should be mentioned that different climates and environments will call for different tire types. For example, tires meant for city riding won’t work as well in the winter when the road is full of ice. When it comes to tires, we’re really talking about safety, so it’s best to do your homework before you set off on your next ride.  


When you summarize it all, bike maintenance can help you with two things—keeping your bike in its best form while making sure you are safe on your travels. If you look at things that way, the expenses that come with bike maintenance will seem a lot more worth it. 

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