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**FREE SHIPPING within the continental US on all products**

**SAVE an additional $100 when you buy 2 or more bikes**

An Excellent Alternative: The Numerous Benefits of Having an E-bike

woman using ebike

Greta Thunberg forced us, adults, to take a closer look at the plight of our planet. She warned us that global warming is an active threat that we need to combat today! This awareness led to the popularity of e-bikes.

You might be considering buying one but may have some doubts about going through with your plans. If you are, you should continue reading this article. It will help you see that electric bikes are great alternatives to conventional transportation. 

They Are Fun

Take this time to assess people’s reactions to e-bikes. All you have to do is go to your nearest electric bike shop and watch people test-ride one. You will observe that most of them have the same response - a brief look of shock, followed by a huge grin and sometimes even a shout of joy.

Riding an e-bike will make you feel as if you have superpowers. When you take it out for a ride, you are free to have fun, explore, and enjoy. 

Suppose you find yourself facing a seemingly intimidating hill. The e-bike gives you the confidence to meet the challenge. As a result, you will enjoy your trip.

They Can Enhance Health and Fitness

We know that biking is an excellent way to stay in shape. Although it is easy to assume that conventional bikes are much healthier than e-bikes,  scientists have seen that the gap is not that wide. The latter still provides the same health perks as the former. 

Do not take my word for it. This assertion is backed up by scientific data, later published by the Washington Post. The same article highlighted that you could get the same health benefits of a traditional bicycle without causing too much strain. 

Yes, traditional bikes will keep you fitter for as long as you ride them as much as an electric bike, but average cyclists will not do so as much as e-bike enthusiasts. Think about it this way. 

Are you willing to ride your bike up a steep hill to buy a bottle of wine or a loa of bread? Would you do it if you are hauling fifty pounds of grocery? The answer is most likely a big NO. You would probably take a bus or some other public transportation. 

They Can Help You Lose Weight

Using your e-bike to go around town is an excellent way to lose weight. In general, cycling can help you burn a lot of calories because you have so much fun exercising. Although you have assistance, you are also moving a heavier bike. 

You might be wondering if those two elements offset each other. According to the NY Times, it counts as exercise. Even with the assistance, it is not cheating. 


Young activists opened our eyes to the pressing concern of global warming. This knowledge forced us to be more concerned about our carbon footprint. It also led to our search for environmentally friendly transportation options. 

E-bikes present us that much-needed environmentally friendly alternative. It also allows us to live a healthier lifestyle. 

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