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E-Bike Showdown: The Blix Packa vs. The Eunorau Max-Cargo


In recent years, more and more people are starting to use electric bikes (e-bikes) because they can get anywhere nearby while being environmentally friendly. For this reason, different bikes have become electric, and cargo bikes are no exception. Of course, many big names are associated with electric cargo bikes, such as Blix and Eunorau. 

Blix's Packa and Eunorau's Max Cargo are either company's leading e-bikes, respectively. Both are notable for their powerful batteries, comfortable seats, and strong frames. Additionally, both offer various riding modes, which are excellent for different riders. However, both are fundamentally different, which only confuses prospective e-bike owners because both are high-performance and worthwhile investments. For this reason, we'll weigh the two based on various factors discussed in this article.


The Max Cargo has a 750-watt motor, while the Packa has a 500-watt motor. The Packa's motor is weaker but still powerful enough to get the job done. The Max-Cargo's motor, on the other hand, is significantly stronger and can handle more weight. This is an important distinction because the more powerful the motor, the more weight it can carry. 

If you're looking for a bike that can handle a lot of weight, then the Max-Cargo is the better option. However, if you don't need a bike that can carry a lot of weight, the Packa is a good choice.


Blix Packa and Eunorau offer a powerful motor that helps you easily cruise through the city. However, Eunorau offers a bigger battery pack, which is a plus. On the other hand, the Packa allows you to add another battery, which is optional. 

The default battery is a 48V 10.5ah battery, giving a total of 504 wh. This should allow you to ride the bike for around 20 miles without any extra weight on the bike. If you have a secondary battery, which is 48V and 14ah, this will double your range.

Display and Electronic Features

Both electric bikes come with display units that show you all the necessary information you need to know. Both displays are large, easy to read, and intuitive. The display units are located on the handlebar and can be used to change the assist mode, speed, and track the battery level. 

On the other hand, the Max-Cargo comes with a basic display unit, which is still easy to use and read. The main difference is that there is no battery level indicator. Blix Packa has a larger display unit, and the battery level indicator is also very noticeable. The Eunorau e-bike has a headlight that is integrated with the display. This is an excellent feature because you can have a more powerful headlight without the extra weight.


The range of an electric bike is dependent on many factors, such as the battery capacity, the terrain, the weight of the rider, the assist mode, and the pedal assist level. The average range of the Blix Packa is 50 miles. However, with a more powerful battery and a faster assist mode, you can get up to 80 miles. The Eunorau e-bike has a slightly lower average range of 40 miles, but with a more powerful battery, you can get up to 60 miles. 


The Packa and Max-Cargo are user-friendly but in distinct ways. For one, the Packa is designed to be a comfortable ride, with a low step-over frame, an adjustable stem, and a wide, cushioned seat. The Max-Cargo, on the other hand, is designed for hauling, with a large cargo area, a rear rack, and a front basket. 

What Should You Choose?

Choosing between the Blix Packa and the Eunorau Max-Cargo is a matter of determining your priorities. If you’re looking for a comfortable ride, the Packa is an excellent choice. If you need to haul a lot of stuff, the Max-Cargo is a perfect choice. Regardless of your choice, you'll still get a bike worth every bit of your money. 


Cargo e-bikes are great for getting around town or taking your belongings with you on the go. If you’re looking for a cargo e-bike that can do it all, the Blix Packa and the Eunorau Max-Cargo are both excellent choices. All that matters is finding one that suits your needs.

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