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How To Set Up Your E-bike To Help Burn Your Calories

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While many people may claim that using an e-bike is cheating or lazy, that is far from the truth. In fact, whatever the circumstances may be, using an e-bike is a great way to exercise. Of course, if you're an incredibly fit person who has been a non-e-bike user for the entirety of your life, that might not be as true. But more often than not, you're an average individual, so that risk isn't too much of a problem.

That said, one of the best things about e-bikes is that they can help you burn calories, given you know how to set up your bike! Here's how you can properly set up your e-bike to help burn your calories:

1. Adjust The Power Settings

Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you can tweak your e-bike's power settings to be more or less intense. This isn't just about purely burning calories, either, as the electric motor can push you forward and help you get a better workout. This, in itself, is good for burning calories, but when combined with the electric motor's power, given you turn down the power a notch, you can do a lot of pedaling, which will help you burn even more calories.

2. Keep Up The Pace

As you would find in any calorie-burning exercise, it is to keep your heart pumping fast through moderate to intense exercises. When it comes to an e-bike, if your goal is to burn calories, our advice is to find the perfect balance between the motor power versus your pedaling effort to create a consistent yet fast cycling action. This can ensure you are maintaining a higher heart rate and allows you to put in the effort needed to burn through your calories.

3. Look For The Hills

Don't avoid the hills. Go for them. However you go about your cycling route, try and implement routes that have hills in them. They're a great way to make yourself put more effort into the peddling, allowing you to burn more calories as a result. Of course, when things are going too hard, you can then get your e-bike motor to kick in to help you out.

4. Carry A Few Extra Pounds

If you're planning to exercise on your e-bike, consider carrying more weight. Apart from your water bottle, you can put other things on your panniers to help your bike feel heavier. Think of it as moving on to heavier weights when you exercise. These weights will help ensure you have plenty of resistance and weight to train your muscles. E-bike-wise, those heavy panniers are going to cause you to put more effort into your cycling session, burn more calories and even help you build muscles!


Ultimately, whether you're an average person or a very fit person, e-bikes are a great way to get in some exercise. They're a great source of enjoyment, and they're also a great way to burn more calories. So if you have the chance, consider buying an e-bike and trying it out! They offer you all sorts of benefits, from acting as a fitness machine to becoming a reliable transportation solution!

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