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**FREE SHIPPING within the continental US on all products**

**SAVE an additional $100 when you buy 2 or more bikes**

A Basic Guide to Understanding the Power of E-Bikes

woman on an e-bike

When purchasing e-bikes, some things you will need to consider are voltage, watts, and amps. But what exactly do these mean, and how are they related to the power of the e-bike.  Keep reading below to learn more about these things.

What Is a Volt?

Volts are used to measure electrical potential. The higher the voltage is, then the higher the pressure of electrons that is flowing in a circuit. To get a picture of what this is, imagine the water coming out of a hose and how strong it is. This is powered by pressure, which is similar to what a volt is.

What Is an Amp?

An amp is a measure of electrical current or the volume of electrons flowing in a circuit. If you think a garden hose can only let out a smaller stream of water compared to a fire hose. A circuit with a higher amp can have more electrons flowing through it than those with a lower amp.

For many circuits, they have a certain amp or maximum current that they can handle before they burn. This is why circuit breakers and fuses are put into place to make sure that the circuits do not burn up.

Going back to the hose metaphor, there is a maximum amount of water that can be handled at the peak pressure. Anything higher than that amount, the hose will be ruined.

What Is a Watt?

A watt is a unit of power that is similar to horsepower, but smaller. To get the total number of watts, you just multiply the volts by the amps. High-performance e-bikes will need a higher number of watts because they will need more power. However, there is no fixed determination as to how many watts will equal certain miles per hour (MPH).

What Is an Amp-Hour?

You know those gas tanks in cars and how they can only hold a certain amount of gas before you run out? Basically, an amp-hour measures that but only with batteries. It measures how much electricity a battery can hold in total.

So those with higher amp-hours will definitely last longer on the road because their batteries can hold more electricity or energy. And following that logic, those with lower amp-hours will have their batteries die out faster on them.

Why Is This Important to Know?

So, why is all of this important to know? Well, if you are purchasing an e-bike, you will want to get one that can give you the power you need or require. By being knowledgeable in terms of volts, amps, and watts, you get more of a grasp on the power that the e-bike can give you.

Is Power Important in an E-bike?

Depending on your usage, it may not be your priority, but power is always important. The power an e-bike has will be an indicative factor of its performance and what it can and cannot handle. It is always best to get a more powerful e-bike to ensure you get the best value for your money.


An e-bike's power is important to know because it will let you know how well the bike can perform. If you have a low-powered e-bike, you will definitely struggle with it and not have a good time with it. Knowing the different aspects of power and what they mean will help you to understand the meaning behind it. You will then be able to make better, more educated decisions when buying an e-bike.

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