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**FREE SHIPPING within the continental US on all products**

**SAVE an additional $100 when you buy 2 or more bikes**

5 Busted E-Bike Myths You No Longer Have to Worry About

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Fame comes with a certain amount of misunderstandings and myths. As e-bikes gain popularity in the same circles that movies and music do, the myths and rumors have come along with them. 

Here are the five biggest myths regarding e-bikes that have been busted wide open for you to stop worrying about.

E-Bikes Are Too Costly

Electric bikes include additional components to a typical cycle, but many add-ons reduce the price. For example, powered brakes, lights, and even GPS allow riders to install fewer parts into the bike itself and reduce the overall cost. 

Electric bikes cost less than conventional bicycles, although some cost significantly more. However, this doesn’t mean that all-electric bikes are too expensive. Many riders can find electric bikes at prices similar to or even lower than their conventional counterparts.

An E-Bike’s Battery Power Isn’t Enough

Don’t be nervous about whether an e-bike’s battery will fail you. You can confidently conquer the streets and peaks while leaving this myth at home.

E-bike batteries are similar to gas tanks in your car. Certain factors go into how long they last, the same way several variables determine how long your car’s gas lasts. 

Either way, these factors affect how you ride your e-bike:

  • Rider size

  • Terrain

  • Level of pedal assist

Don’t worry. If you run out of battery before reaching your destination, plug the battery into a wall outlet for three to five hours to recharge it before getting back on the road.

E-Bikes Are Only for Unconventional Cyclists

Another myth about electric bikes is that they’re only for people with limited or no bicycle experience. This myth may be founded in a tiny bit of truth: electric bikes are great for inexperienced cyclists because they provide an extra boost while riding. 

But, in general, we’re marking this myth as false. Experienced riders love riding e-bikes as much as anyone else! Take it from Rahsaan Bahati, a retired professional cyclist who used to race for the US for seven years, “The only thing that surprises me is that more people are not on e-bikes!”

Using an E-Bike Is Cheating

The myth that opting for an e-bike is considered cheating should be put to rest once and for all. All you require is a basic understanding of how an electric bike works to know this is false. 

In general, an e-bike has a pedal-assist motor that activates only when the user is pedaling. It’s not a motorcycle in disguise; you won’t neglect to pedal, kick back, and let the motor propel you around. You’ve got to put in some work of your own to get the motorized assist to kick in. 

This means riders can choose how much assistance they want on their rides. Of course, you can be the one to decide on that. Do you wish to climb that hill completely unassisted? Awesome! It’s your ride. But if you want a little extra boost to reach the top faster and go even further than you ever have before, an e-bike offers that ability.

Using an E-Bike Isn’t Considered Exercising

Those who claim using an electric bicycle is lazy are obviously out of shape or don’t know what they’re talking about. They have never ridden an e-bike before because e-bike riders tend to be in much better condition than average cyclists. 

Instead of riding a regular bike, which you have to pedal to propel, an e-bike rider needs to pedal with their legs a bit. Even then, the engine provides a boost that makes pedaling much more effortless, allowing them to last longer on trails.

The Final Verdict

The modern, eco-friendly electric bike is not only a toy but an efficient way to get to places. Imagine how much gas you could save if you were no longer reliant on a car for transportation in your day-to-day life. Just think how much money you would save. Sadly, there are still those who assume electric bikes are toys. But we hope that you will take a closer look at what electric bikes have to offer and discover how fun and versatile they can be. Try one out for yourself to find out why they’re an excellent investment!

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