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**FREE SHIPPING within the continental US on all products**

**SAVE an additional $100 when you buy 2 or more bikes**

6 Things to Look for When Buying an Electric Mountain Bike

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Biking is a hobby that people of different ages enjoy. Whether you're a kid getting a bike for the first time or an adult getting a high-quality bike, there's always one for you. Of course, some are more sophisticated than others and don't come cheap. A perfect example of this is an electric mountain bike.

An electric mountain bike is precisely what it sounds like: a mountain bike that runs on electricity. This bike is excellent for individuals who have no issues getting to a trailhead or riding a mountain bike but dislike the fact that they cannot use their bike after the sun sets. Of course, you don't just buy the first electric mountain bike you see because, like anything else, you need to look for specific features that can serve you. These include:

#1 - Trail or Enduro?

If you're unfamiliar with the differences between trail and enduro bikes, you need to know that the two are just as different as the trail and enduro models. Trail bikes are designed for riding cross-country with a good amount of suspension and are lighter. On the other hand, enduro bikes are designed to be ridden on the trail or in a bike park and have a lot of suspensions. The main difference between these two categories of bikes is their use and the intended riders.

#2 - Frame Material

The frame material of an electric mountain bike is essential. The material dictates the bike's weight and if it can withstand the elements. There are three types of frame materials used for electric mountain bikes, and they include:

  • Steel frames are sturdy and are made for riding long distances. However, they're so heavy that you may have trouble getting the bike up the trail or over the hill.
  • Carbon frames are lightweight and very strong. However, they're not as durable as steel frames. This means that you should be careful when riding off the trail.
  • Aluminum frames are also lightweight and very strong. Unlike steel or carbon frames, aluminum doesn't rust or weigh much. The only negative is that aluminum frames are flexible and can crack easily.

#3 - Motor

The motor allows an electric mountain bike to charge with electricity, and it's also one of the bike's most critical parts. Without it, the bike wouldn't be functional. There are three types of motors described below:

  • Direct drive motors are the most common and are found in the majority of electric mountain bikes. They're very powerful and reliable but can cause excessive heat.
  • Mid-drive motors are a good option for a more balanced bike. They're powerful, reliable, and can be mounted anywhere on the bike.
  • Bottom bracket motors are the least powerful option and are found primarily in off-road bikes. They can be mounted anywhere on the bike frame and are a good option if you're looking for a low-maintenance motor.

#4 - Brakes

The brakes on an electric mountain bike are just as important as the tires and the motor. Without them, you may be unable to stop on time or at the right moment. The brakes on your bike may be disc brakes or rim brakes. Disc brakes are the most common and commonly used.

#5 - Suspension

The suspension is critical for electric mountain bikes because it will help cut down on the bumps and allow you to speed up and slow down quickly. You must ensure that your suspension works correctly to get the most out of it. The suspension on an electric mountain bike is heavy-duty and should last a long time.

#6 - Wheels

Naturally, the wheels on your bike will be necessary, especially considering that you will be riding on different terrain. The wheels on your bike should be solid and ready for the terrain you will be riding on.


Electric mountain bikes are incredible and essential for those who enjoy riding. Getting one for yourself isn't anything you should have to fret about, especially since you can find the best model online. With some research, you should have no problem getting the best bike for your needs.

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